Born long ago in the dwarven enclave of city of Kalsgard in the land of the Linnorm Kings, Morgrym wished to grow to be one of his people’s warrior-skalds. He progressed rapidly under the tutelage of his teacher, and had learned the history poems and eddas of his people before his fiftieth birthday. He fought beside the great warriors of his time, until the day he and his master came across an ice giant. He was instructed to stay out of the fight, and to his shame he did. His master fought the giant while reciting the Edda of Deeds, never missing a beat while fighting a foe many times his size. The fight was glorious, but the giant bested the lone dwarf. Morgrym was wracked with shame at leaving his master to fight the giant even though that was what he had been told to do. Once his master’s foe left, he constructed a great cairn of rock over his body and swore that his cowardice would no longer stain the honor of the Skalds.

Morgrym left his axe and his armor and most of his gear in the cairn with his master and left to wander the world. He avoided settlements in his travels and finally stopped when he found a stone grotto at the base of a waterfall in the mountains of Varisia. He felt home and at peace for the first time since the death of his master. Morgrym spent years creating a small stone hut with rocks he found in his wandering around the mountains. He spent the next century alone, watching the world around his grotto, learning the ways of the mountain ash and the snow tiger. He stayed true to his vow and never spoke the great epics of his people.

Then, 5 years ago, on his  200th birthday, Morgrym saw three purple lights streak through the sky, two of them exploding concurrently in the shape of a great butterfly. The third appeared to come to ground far to his south. Morgrym tidied up his hut, scattered the provisions he had that he couldn’t carry with him, and began walking south. On his way, he found a Snow Tiger cub whose mother had been killed in an avalanche. He soothed the small beast and brought it with him. He traveled for weeks until he found where the shooting star had struck the ground. In the center of the crater, there was a nodule of pure Iron, melted and reformed in the heat of its fall through the sky, but now cooled. He collected it and continued walking. He stumbled upon a forge shrine to Torag and had a vision of himself with an axe forged from the nodule of metal he was holding. He spent a year and a day at the shrine, relearning the skills he had once held dear and eventually forging a cold iron battle axe for himself. In that time he forged a bond with his tiger-companion and his visions began coming more frequently, instructing him in the ways of the druids. Once he was ready Morgrym’s visions urged him to travel southward, eventually leaving him here. Though now an old dwarf, Morgrym is ready to put his previous life behind him and begin anew.