Earth’s Empires Places

The Library of Yar

The Aldoni know of thousands of Predecessor sites, most of which they give wide berth and encourage the other races to do the same. There are several score that are on the forbidden grounds list of the Aldoni Accords, places where it means annihilation for a ship and for the world that ship hails from to approach. There are a few locations though of such danger to the very fabric of reality that they are listed nowhere in any record except in the great mind cores of the Aldoni worlds. The Library of Yar is one such location.

Deep within the galactic dead zone, the Library was created by one of the earliest of the Predecessors, a race ten billion years dead, so long gone that they were barely rumors to the last Predecessor races. Their Library though, it outlasted them. The Librarians, for whom no other name is known, were one of the races who developed acausal computing. They explored the arts of paradox and simulation and found the secrets of time travel. But their interest was not in the world that is/was/will be, it was in all of the worlds that never were. They collected in their library all of the books never written.  The Library spans a structure the size of a world, a series of thousands of concentric spheres containing rows upon rows of books. The organization of the library made sense to the creators, but none to any one who has ever found their way into the library. It contains books of history that were never written, either because the history did not happen, or because the history happened to the author in a fatal manner. The Librarians’s form of time travel allowed them to observe and catalog, but they did not stop with the pasts that were or the futures that would be. They followed all of the decision points throughout the long history of the galaxy and recorded all of the books that could have been but weren’t. Travel within the library is not linnear. A path that lead to a particular place on one trip may well not lead to that same place in future trips, and the Aldoni believe that sections of the library are connected by some form of “instantaneous” transit to other identically constructed structures hidden throughout the galaxy. The shells themselves are supported by materials that break the laws of physics that are maintained by reality changing devices. If the rules of the universe were ever to reestablish firm control within the Library, it is likely that it would collapse in on itself under its own gravity.