The Core of Fate

Far out in the depths of the astral sea, well beyond the regular travel ways there is a single small rock. On the rock is a stone arch, the only gate to an isolated demi-plane.  The gate stands cold and dead, silent in the face of the multiverse. Those who would walk the stacks of the Core of Fate must first find the way to open the gate, knowledge held by few among the whole span of reality.

Once they pass through the gate the seeker is faced by the expanse of the Core. The gate is surrounded by the muted roar of thousands of illusionary images speaking or shouting or raging words in all the languages of the multiverse. Before each image stands a pale humanoid of non-distinct aspect. Each one writes the words spoken by the illusion it stands before. As soon as the image stops speaking, it fades and its scribe drops the completed scroll. Before the scroll reaches the ground, tiny mechanical servitors dart among the asiles and grab the scroll. They rush out of the realm of the scribes and enters the stacks. They rush down thousands of thousands of rows of shelves made of identical square nooks until they find an empty hole to place their scroll into. There are shining steel entities, mechanical angles in the forms of the various sentients of the multiverse. They stand sentinel among the stacks and the scribes. Though they they always appear to be at the edge of your attention, anyone who approaches the scribes finds themselves facing a pair of sentinels. While the scribe is still writing, the sentinels protect them with their lives. In the rare occurrence that two sentinels do not suffice to stop an interruption, as each one falls, two more appear. As soon as the scribe drops its scroll, the sentinels depart. Every time a new illusion forms, a single scribe is there to write, and each time a scribe begins writing a new nook appears out in the stacks and the realm increases in size by the slightest margin.

Magic is much less effective in the Core of Fate, half of the power of any spell is drained by the very structure of the space, diverted to power the greater guardians of the demi-plane. Divination magic that is cast in or that impinges upon the demi-plane immediately fizzles, and as a caster tries to cast divinations, the guardians begin to manifest around him. If enough power is spent trying to preform divination, the guardians will completely manefest and consume the caster.

Even the most powerful of magics do little good. The most that even a wish can do is provide the caster with a single specific scroll, and the power of the spell is enough to raise a host of guardians against the caster.

Each scroll represents a single prophecy made by a seer somewhere in the multiverse. Not every prophecy is true, or more accurately, not every prophecy comes to occur, and many events that are the focus of prophecy are the focus of multiple opposing prophecies. Many of the prophets that are recorded here may even be stating prophecies that are part of branches that have already been cut off. The only form of recording information that works within the demiplane is the pens and scrolls of the scribes. Not even mortal memory functions here well enough to accurately recall a prophecy well enough to transcribe it usefully once off the demi-plane.

A visitor may safely walk the rows of shelves and may even take a single scroll. The problem is that finding a specific scroll is nearly impossible, the collection covers all of the prophecies that have been spoken by any being anywhere in the multiverse and the number that exist expand much faster than even an army could read.

If a scroll of prophecy is found by hand and carried out through the gate at the center of the demi-plane, they may leave with the scroll, but an hour after leaving the demi-plane it dissolves and reappears in a random empty nook. In the few cases that one of these scrolls has been successfully bound to a location, some of the larger guardians appeared where it was bound to lay waste to everything around the scroll and to break the bindings that keep it there.

Those who violate the rules and escape the plane are followed by assorted hunting beasts that are capable of shifting from plane to plane. Though the hunters are often fairly week, once they find their prey, they can bray and summon the greater guardians of the realm.

Those who are killed in the demi-plane or by the various hunting guardians of the plane have their souls returned to the demi-plane and are then reformed into a creature of the demi-plane.