Na Essad Origins Take 2

In the first moments of the omniverse, there was but one reality shared by the seven speakers of the Word. All of existence reverberated with the echoes of the Speaking that had brought the speakers into being. There was nothing before the Word, no space, no time. The moment of the act of creation was the very first moment that anything had existed. The seven syllables of the Word set existence into motion and the speaking required speakers. Thus were the seven lines of the gods formed. The seven gods quickly started to speak their portion of the word in order to shape parts of existence. They took the very fabric of being and sang an aria that nearly shattered it. When they spoke the Word in harmony, a great making had been performed, but when they spoke at cross purposes, destruction reigned across the world. As such, the seven gods agreed to speak the world into separate, isolated realms. Thus were the first planes formed. The heavens and the hells, realms of order and chaos, they spoke the word of creation in a myriad of ways and with each speaking a new wonder sprung forth. They scattered places to their particular liking across the cosmos and wove deft bridges from plane to plane. They created WorldsCore as a realm where they and their descendants could meet, a place of neutral ground, and then across the planes, within the boundaries from one existence to another, they planted the seeds that would become the visible universes where their minor creations would thrive.
As the seven gods created more and more of reality, they became lonesome for more of their own kind, and each after their type, the gods created new gods to share the joys of creation, and to have more allies who followed after their own aspect. Soon the seven first gods spawned seven sevens of new gods