Transcribed Notes Random Adventure Names.

Adventure Naming Device Roll a d20 3 times. The adventure name is “___First Word____ of the ____Second Word____ _____Third Word______”



1 Shroud Blessed Demise
2 Cavern Ebon Grave
3 Castle White Sword
4 Citadel Silver Blessing
5 Fortress Grey Overlord
6 Bane Green Doom
7 Secret Druid’s Lament
8 Time Necromacer’s Retreat
9 Forest Wizard’s Destiny
10 Desert Master’s Shadow
11 Village Rogue’s Storm
12 Tower King’s Throne
13 Dungeon Princess’s Crown
14 Trial Ogre’s Ghost
15 Web Giant’s Horde
16 Temple Dragon’s Mirror
17 Cult Witch’s Secret
18 Altar Merchant’s Grove
19 Fane Doomed Summit
20 Oubliette Liar’s Tome