Book Review: Pathfinder Player Companion Goblins of Golarion

Thus far I’ve been quite happy with all of the smaller format books from Paizo that I’ve read, and the Goblins of Golarion is no exception. It is a good resource for a player who wants a goblin PC who really stands out beyond “oh look, Paul is running another monster, what a shock” and helps you play a character whose way of thinking is quite different from that of the more traditional ways. It is full of feats and traits and gear that are uniquely goblin-centric.
But the real strength to my (biased) eyes is as a tool for DMs. The book outlines the psychology of the bloody little sociopaths. It helped me turn a handful of standard low level goblin fights into a memorable event where the party druid’s possession of a wheel of cheese was an important tactical consideration and the goblins managed to shift between comical and terrible effortlessly. I got to sing goblin songs and otherwise mistreat the players.
The book has a lovely section on goblin religion and variant goblin tribes that spawned all sorts of world building ideas which is something that I’ve always considered to make a book pay for itself.
Goblins of Golarion is an inexpensive book that gives a fresh perspective on a bog standard fantasy race and ought to fit into any D&D DM’s library.


NaMoDesMo 17: Cheese Puff Swarm

In the Temple of Processed Cheese, dark rituals call forth cheese like horrors from the far realm to serve the twisted ravings of the high priest of Cheese Food. When these summonings occur, sometimes matter from the far realm accompanies the summoned beasts, and one of the most common things to make the passage are the tiny spores of the Cheese Puff.  The larval form of a cheese puff is harmless and nearly invisible, taking on the colors of its surroundings. As they grow they feed on local refuse and the toxic by products of other magical experiments. Eventually they grow to the size of a small coins at which point they begin to pupate. Their stationary phase begins to manufacture the cheese powder that gives the adult form its brilliant and unnatural color and the psychotropic effects that allow them to more easily infect new hosts and thus spread.
When the adult form is ready to breed, it sends out a chemical call that attracts all of the adult Cheese Puffs in the area. They swarm toward any warm living body and try to wriggle down its throat. Any cheese puff that manages to do that dissolves in the stomach acid of its victim, leaving behind a mass of eggs that of eggs to attach to the intestinal lining until they hatch, eventually killing the host, which then rots an helps the next generation grow and thrive.