Gear of Na Essad: Gas Mask

One of the omnipresent dangers of living on a great stone pillar above a sea of lava is toxic gasses. The inhabitants of Vostin’s Fang tend to build structures that can keep out clouds of poisonous gas, and the great dwarven transit shafts are a quick and safe way to get to almost any major settlement without having to encounter fouled air. But the transit shafts are expensive and people do leave their homes. And so they have developed a number of tools to help them breathe the air in the cavern. Most of the time, the air is safe, but occasionally a huge bubble of gasses will escape the sea of flame and spread out along the sides of the Fang. In these situations, many of the people who travel on the outside of the Fang carry protective devices, ranging from wet cloths to place across their mouths and noses to fitted leather masks with expensive charcoal filters, to enchanted masks that allow you to breathe at no danger.

A wet cloth grants a +1 bonus on saving throws against airborn poison if it is worn before exposure. If the cloth dries out, it no longer grants that bonus.

A charcoal filter mask grants advantage on saving throws against inhaled poison and grants resistance to inhaled poison damage. The filters are extremely expensive, being made of burnt plant matter, and they are good for 20+1d8 rounds of exposure.

How a magical mask works depends on the specific magic that powers it.

None of these options protect against caustic gasses (like a green dragon’s breath) or heat (like a giant plume of superheated steam when a chunk of ice calves off of the Great Glacier into the Sea of Flame.)

Every hour spent wearing a filter mask increases your fatigue level by one.

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