#RPGaDAY2015 Day 13

Favorite RPG Podcast

My favorite RPG podcast is a difficult decision. I love Happy Jack’s and Fear the Boot. Jank Cast seems to be Pod Fading. 1d4 cast’s actual plays are excellent. The tome show has some wonderful casts. But my number one super favorite podcast, the one that, once it drops, I rearrange my que to listen to it? Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. Ken and Robin are some of the smartest, most well read people in the RPG industry, and they pull it off without being boring or any of the other failure states of erudite. They talk about an incredibly broad set of topics and bring the fun the whole time.
As an aside, Ken Hite is one of those personalities that takes over a conversation almost immediately if no one else does, but while he could expound for hours on a given subject, he doesn’t. He does con panels, and if the other panelists are shyer than Ken (everyone is shyer than Ken) he uses his control of the discussion to make sure everyone gets microphone time, that they get to engage. He’s got this huge personality that could be stifling, except he uses it to lift up the other people in the conversation.

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