Aarakocra in Na Essad

As winged creatures used to flying long distances in the storms of the Elemental Plane of Air, the Aarakocra were well suited for surviving their initial moments in the Fire Cavern.  Though rare, the Aarakocra have established a small village in a crevice in the roof of the cavern. The Aerie of Shearwind is protected by the vast range of ooze infested ceiling surrounding it as well as the general inaccessibility of a crack in the roof of the world.
The population hovers around 300 in Shearwind and a few score who trade goods and services with the other peoples of the fire cave.  The original community was founded by a flight of Aarakocra and a Windlord that were hunting for minions of Elemental Evil. Their semi-divine leader was captured by the cavern’s defense mechanisms, but willingly merged with the Guardians when she realized what their mission was. The remainder of the Flight found the cavern that became Shearwind, and began their ages long task of maintaining the integrity of Na Essad.
While the Aarakocra of Na Essad are capable of doing the dance to summon Air Elementals, the fact that their allies can never return to the elemental plane of air means that they are not willing to summon them often. There is a thriving colony of Air Elementals that inhabits the open air spaces of Na Essad because of these summons. The Air Elementals tend to avoid settled regions, but they do tend to follow individual Aarokocra around like curious, invisible puppies. This has proven awkward for bandits who thought a lone Aarokocra to be easy prey.

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