October 3rd. Green Plague

October 3 Green Plague

Not every existential threat from beyond the prime material plane is a malevolent force from the lower planes or an insane monstrosity from the Far Realm. The Green Plague is an entity from a mostly isolated demiplane. Or more accurately, it is the mostly isolated demiplane. Every creature there is part of the greater Green Plague hivemind, all working together to convert ever more of the mass of their demiplane into more mind. Occasionally, a creature infected with the Green Plague leaves the demiplane and infects organisims somewhere else. Ourbreaks of the Green Plague have been spotted across the multiverse, and there are organizations dedicated to halting its spread through the copious application of fire. Attempts to invade the Green Plague’s home plane have universally ended with the assault teams converted. As a result of these attempts, the Green Plague now has figured out how to convert angels, demons, devils, constructs, and undead. Creatures that are exposed to the Green Plague but which manage not to become converted are still carriers of the plague. While they do not produce the maisma that a converted creature does, any offspring of that creature is a full blown converted Green Plague Member. A creature born with the Green Plague is born eyeless, but with Blindsight 60’.


Green Plague Member(Template)

A creature infected with the Green Plague gains this template.

Size and type and alignment remain the same, though the creature acts as if charmed by the Green Plague. (While they recognise their old friends as friends, they also see all green plague members as friends as well.)

Their Constitutions increase by 1 point.

They become vulnerable to Fire unless they are already immune or resistant to fire.

They become immune to the charmed condition.

They gain:

Green Plague Miasma: Range 10’. Each round, any creature within 10’ of the Grean Plague Member must make a DC (8+Con Bonus + Proficiency Bonus) Constitution save or contract  the Green Plague. Onset is 4 hours, with advancement checks every hour afterward. If a creature fails the first save, they must make 3 consecutive saves before missing two consecutive saves (same DC as the creature infecting them’s Miasma) or become a Green Plague Member. If they receive powerful healing magic capable of curing disease before failing any save after the initial infection, they are completely healed and are not carriers of the Green Plague. On the other hand, if they fail any save after contracting the disease, they are carriers. Neither carriers nor Green Plague Members can be cured by any magic short of a wish.


Hivemind: A Green Plague Member can see via any perception mode available to any other Green Plague Member within 200’. They may also communicate telepathically with such creatures, though in many cases that provides, at best, a telepathic relay to other Green Plague Members.

CR + 1

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