Sanctuary Quick Info Sheet (Needs artwork)

The largest human settlement in the Fire Cave, Sanctuary rests on an artificial outcropping of Vostin’s Fang, miles above the Magma Sea. Primarily human, Sanctuary is a center of trade and a neutral meeting place for all of the sentient races of the Fang. It is protected by a semi-permiable wall of force that was created by the Arch-Wizard Vostin to allow good air in but keep dangerous gasses out. Sanctuary is a raucous trading port, home to a dozen mercenary companies, a place where you can rub shoulders with wild elf raiders, fallen angels, gobin thieves, and stranger creatures.


Sanctuary is a town of 40,000 permenant residents. 85% Human, 10 percent halfling, dwarf, elf, and orc. The remaining 5% are split among the other sentient races. So long as you behave yourself, don’t go around murdering people without a license, and pay your taxes, you are welcome in Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a City-State with a ruling council composed of 17 elected members. The current leader of the council is Thalis Drac, a blue dragon who remains polymorphed into a humanoid form whenever she is in the city.

Faiths from across the multiverse have been celebrated here. Currently, the most prevalent gods worshiped here are The Lady of Perpetual Bonds, The Crossroads, and The Mazebuilder. The cult of the Sleeping Flame is common, though outlawed in Sanctuary.

Organized crime in Sanctuary is centered in the Fang’s Gate district where the caravans from the Spiral Road stop. The Mercenary companies have yet to take a contract on the thieve’s guild, since they provide much needed services for the bands. Most crimes are punishble by community service. Repeat offenders of non-capital crimes are banished from the city. Capital crimes are punished by defenestration from the top of Vostin’s Watch, a tower that leans out over the magma miles below.

At the center of the city is Vostin’s Tower. With no visible door, and wards that make it proof against teleportation spells, the tower is said to hold the final library of the Archmage. In the shadow of Vostin’s Tower is the Collegium. A school with 30 faculty and seldom more than 100 students, they toil to find the secrets of the Fire Cave. The Collegium is often willing to hire adventurers to find rare components, lost lore, and to slay powerful monsters that have come through one of the many one way gates in the Fang.

Sheriff Crosseye Burningfoot, a goblin who was once a raider, is the leader of the local militia. She has an uneasy truce with the thieve’s guild, and has had occasional run ins with the Mercenary Companies. While not a pleasant person, her methods are effective. She also maintains seven “Slayer” companies, small groups of veterans trained in special tactics to face much more powerful foes. She has a budget item for an 8th Slayer company, which she uses to hire adventurers in times of extreme danger.

1 The Polytemple. The Polytemple is shared in a complicated rotation by any faith that has at least 300 followers in Sanctuary. This is the most likely place to find a priest willing to provide healing for coin.

2 The Cage This is the holding cell that Sheriff Burningfoot uses to hold prisoners. Suspended on a chain over the edge of Sanctuary, a night or two in the Cage is often enough to cause prisoners to rethink their ways.

3 Public House: This is where the 17 meet. Citizens are welcome to come and watch their debates. A five minute speaking slot can be bought for 10 platinum, and 30 slots are given away each day the 17 are in session by lottery.

4 Varchilde’s This is the shop front of the Varchilde Clan’s weaponsmith. Their stock is variable, being refilled once a month by a caravan from lower on the Fang.

5 The Yellow Stage Playhouse Built by a wealthy merchant, the Yellow Stage Playhouse stages mostly historical dramas about events within Vostin’s Fang.

6 Sam’s Pub and Inn: Located close to the City Gates, Sam’s Pub does a brisk trade with travelers from up and down the Fang.

7 The Nest is an unofficial bar where only members of the thieve’s guild are welcome. Sheriff Burningfoot would love a reason to shut them down, but any evidence her detectives collect tends to go missing.

8 Madame Gallin’s School for Special Children is a house devoted to the Lady of Perpetual Bonds. In service of her mission of mercy, Madame Gallin tries to teach as many children as she can each year.

9 The Bizzare While there are permenant stores here, once every 15 days, the streets of the Bizzare district are full of traveling merchants. Outside the Brass Tower, there is no where else in the Fire Cave with this wide a selection of goods for sale. Even occasional minor magic items are avaliable here.

10 Vostin’s Tower A single giant spire in the center of the extrusion that hosts Sanctuary, Vostin’s Tower is rumored to be impossible to enter. It is the source of the shield dome that protects the town.

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