Updated 1 Page Monster Creation Reference for 5th Ed.

Changes are Bold

A Creature with a CR below 1 gets 1 free benefit. CR 1-2 Gets 2 Benefits, 3-4 get 4, 5-6 get 6 and so on.
In all cases, round up.
Armor Class
AC = 12.5 + .4* CR
Hit Points
HP = 13.75*CR +10
CR/2 points to be spend 1: 30 feet of a given movement type.
Ability Scores
Ability Bonuses 1.33 *CR
Saving Throws
having any saving throw is worth one benefit, as is every 3 points assigned to that saving throw.
A monster gets 3 + 1*CR skill points for free.
Each thing a monster is Vulnerable to is worth a penalty.
Resistances and Immunities
Each resistance or immunity is worth 1 benefit.
Perception modes:
Normal, Darkvision no cost. Normal 1 penalty to lack
Blindsight, Truesight Costs one benefit to have.
Melee to Hit Bonus
Hit Bonus = 3+ CR/2
Melee damage is 6 + 2.7*CR
If a creature has no melee attacks, calculate ranged attacks as melee attacks.
If a creature has melee attacks, ranged attacks are one benefit per 3 dmg and 1 per 2 to hit
Abilities This is things like the ability to use a poison, or 5 spell levels of spell casting, or attacks that automatically gain advantage.
Saving throws
If a special ability allows a saving throw, the DC is 10 +CR/4. Count it as a bonus or penalty for every 2 points over under this number.

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