Goblin Adventure for the 2 page RPG

What is happening in Rabensford: For the last decade, the Duke’s patrols have been traveling the east road less and less often. Small communities have been falling to marauding monsters and trade in the east has become much more rare. Rabensford has weathered the bad times because their location on the Raben River and their Mayor’s ability to maintain the peace with several local tribes of humanoids. At least, he had been able to. One of the closest tribes he had an agreement with was the Bloodgnash Goblins. They were allowed, once a month, to come trade with the town so long as their raiding parties never approached. They had even staged a joint effort with the town militia to drive out a trio of ogres that had come out of the hills to the north. When no goblins came to last month’s goblin market, Mayor Avinis was a little worried, but he didn’t really worry until some of the outlying farms were attacked. Last week, wolf riding riders wearing the Bloodgnash fetishes raided the goblin market and injured Dular Gontovis who is both the town’s best scout and the head of the militia, and without his expertise, the town is not willing to mount a punitive expedition. Neither the Goblin’s Chief “King” Rekkar nor their shaman Alvarad were there.

The Bloodgnash tribe is undergoing a change in leadership. At the dark of the moon, 2 months ago, Alvarad held one of the holy rituals of Gnarsh, Goblin God of War, and the god made itself manifest in the person of one of its servitor demons. It chastised Alvarad then killed Rekkar. It then started directing the tribe to forgo the heresy of peace and begin making war again.



It has been a long week traveling across unsettled lands, and the map you got from the tinkerer you met the first night out must have been old and created by a drunk cartographer. You are also beginning to suspect that he might have been lying about the Drop Bears Two leagues out, none of the landmarks were where they should be, three different inns marked on the map were burn shells, and the first village you  reached was nearly a league further east than it should have been. And here you are, Rabensford, a small Town that strides the Raben River.


Mayor Avinis, the mayor of Rabensford sends his daughter with a message for the party after they have time to browse through the town and settle in. She tells them that “Da” wants to meet with them and that she is to escort them to his home.


Special Rules:

Group combat: If a group of npcs fight together, the group gets the best attack of the group, but deals 1 extra damage per group member past the first. 

Checks: When this adventure calls for a check, it will be in the format: Difficulty + Modifier Stat.

Difficulty refers to the difficulty chart. The modifier moves that number up or down, and the stat is the relevant stat to modify the check.


Entrance, Mild Stench, Dim Light

The way in is a long muddy sloping tunnel. Navigating it requires a Difficult Quick check to not slide down the chute If the party falls down the chute, the goblins ambush the party. The entry room is small and crowded. In the center of the room is a goblin head on a stick wearing a tin crown. Six goblins are here making rude jeers at Rekkar’s skull. If the party is not ambushed, they can attempt to parley their way in. Difficult + Will check. This can be modified by bribes. On a success they are allowed to pass. On a failure the guards alert the rest of the lair and attacks. The goblins attack as groups of 3.

Connects to Warren, Hall of Meating, and Wolf Den

Warren Strong Smell, Dark

This area is a series of twisting tunnels and hollowed out sleeping nooks. There is space for several hundred goblins, and the area is filled with the fetid stench of the horde. There are nearly 100 goblins here though only 20 are combatants. If the party fights them, the fleeing onlookers alert the rest of the lair.

If the lair is alerted, there is a burning oil trap at the entrance. It is a Difficult Will test to find the trap (first person heading in makes the test.) and if triggered, each player makes a Difficult Quick test or take 3 fire damage and alert the goblins to their presence.

The combatants fight in groups of 5. After 1 whole group is killed, a party member can intimidate the rest into fleeing with a Normal +1 Strong check.

Connects to Entrance, Larder, Hall of Meating.

Larder Dark, Smells of Rotting Meat

This dank room is full of rotting haunches of meats of and other assorted foodstuffs. The identity of the haunches does not bear consideration.

If the lair is not alerted, there is a 50% chance that there is a wolf rider with wolf in the room.

Connects to Warren, Altar, and Shaman’s Room

Shaman’s Room Light,

This is the cleanest room in the lair. Alvarad’s den is painted with representatives of the rites of Gnarsh that she uses in place of written instructions.

There are 2 Imps, 2 Acolytes, and the Shaman here. They fight as fanatics. If the lair is alerted, there are also 4 goblin warriors who fight as a group.

Acolyte: Standard Goblin with 2 sp, combat casting, and the paralysis spell.

Alvarad: HP 15, Str 0, Will +1, Quick +1, Mys +2, 0 Def, Normal, Soul Drinker (Dagger) Close 3C Melee + 3 Necrotic damage.  10 SP (Heal, Mirror Image, Summon, Teleport)

65 Treasure.

Connects to Larder, Altar

Altar Light (Bonfire), Smells of Shit, Blood, and Burning Flesh

There is a dark altar in front of a giant bonfire. The walls of the chamber are painted in blood with scenes of the perversions of Gnarsh. A naked Goblin is spread eagle on a dark altar, screaming in terror. A goat demon is standing over the altar, chanting in the Dark Tongue. There are 15 armed goblins watching the sacrifice as well as twice as many non-combatants.

If the lair is alerted, 4 rounds after the fight starts, the shaman’s acolytes come in to support.

The ritual takes 2 rounds to complete. If the Demon completes the ritual and kills the goblin on the altar, all of the followers of Gnarsh are surrounded by a dark aura that increases their defenses by 1. The ritual can be interrupted either physically by attacks or by talking to it (Hard Will check)

The goblins fight in groups of 5.

Connects to Larder, Shaman, and Hall of Meating

Wolf Den Dark

This low ceilinged room smells of dog. A doze pairs of eyes watch you from the darkness, and low menacing growls.

An elf can make a normal will check to keep the wolves from attacking. 5 Wolves are combatants.

If the Lair is alerted, there are 7 wolves and 3 riders.

Connects to Entrance and Wolf Riders.

Wolf Riders Dark, Smelly

This room hosts the quarters of the elite warriors  of the Goblin tribe. There are 6 in room at any time. If the party has not killed any wolves, the riders are willing to parley. They won’t attack the goat demon but they will make sure no wolf riders attack. One wolf rider, Name x5x, is the daughter of Rekkar and would be happy to take back over the clan. If the players convince her to stay neutral, she makes sure no wolf riders attack the party in the lair.

Wolf Rider: Str+1, Will 0, Qui +1 (3 if riding a wolf), Mys 0, Def 1, Normal, Sword Melee 4C, Bow Ranged 4P. A wolf rider on a wolf gets +2 Quick and +1 Damage. The wolf does not get to attack.)

Their goods are worth 50 Treasure.

Connects to Wolf Den, Hall of Meating.

Hall of Meating Smelly, Light, lots of cover, bonfires

If the lair is alerted, a falling block trap is set. Difficult Will check to detect, Normal Quick check to avoid damage if triggered. If triggered it does 4 damage and the passage to the Entrance is blocked.

This hall is vast, large enough to hold hundreds of goblins. There are pieces of ratty furniture interspersed with huge bonfires. If the party is detected, the goblins eating here scatter and flee. If the lair is alerted, there are 30 goblins in 6 groups of 5.  If a fight here lasts longer than 8 rounds, 5 wolf riders with wolves show up.

Connects to Entrance, Warren, Altar, Chief’s Room, Wolf Riders’s Lair.

Chief’s Room Dark

There is a pit trap with a pool of acid at the bottom. Hard Will check to notice, Normal Quick check to not fall into the pit. If a player fall in they take 3 Acid damage each round. This trap has discouraged goblins by killing all of the ones who tried to get in.

This room is lavishly appointed, for a goblin. There are dirty but thick rugs piled up in a massive sleeping pallet. There is a small chest at the foot of the pallet.

Name X3X’s ghost is here. If the players talk to it, they can make a Normal Mystic check to convince the Wraith to help kill the goat demon. If they killed the goat demon and made peace with the daughter. The king goes back to his rest.

200 Treasure.

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