Kitchen Prep

This is the print and play version of my game Kitchen Prep. I developed the core game with  Michael Knapp, Alexander Striewe, and Han Xiao using decks of playing cards. The latest rules update and card redesign were done alone.

Welcome to the Kitchens of Casa di Ospiti Affrettati, the hottest, busiest restaurant in town. You are living the life, cooking incredible food for the opinion setters of the Culinary world. Well, that is what the head chef, Maurice,  is doing.


You are work for Maurice.

Doing Kitchen Prep.

You are doing all of the preparation, the slicing, the chopping, the grating, boiling, peeling and all of the other things that Maurice needs done so he can create the next masterpiece for his customers.

You are competing for space and resources with the other KP workers, and Maurice has made it clear that anyone who doesn’t work fast enough is out on the streets. There is never enough of anything available when you need it, and you really need this job, so you have hit on a scheme that may save your job and fill the orders fast enough to keep even Maurice happy. You have started to substitute different ingredients when you don’t have access to the exact right ones. You don’t know who started it, but now everyone in the kitchen is doing it. That is what you have to do to survive, but that is okay because, Maurice is about to yell “Order Up.” again.

Get the Print and Play Files here:

Print one copy of the rule book, 3 copies (printed double sided) of the ingredient cards and 2 copies (printed double sided) of the order cards.

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