Goblin Adventure

This is an adventure in progress for the two sheet adventure game. I’m still working on the fill room descriptions, but…

What is happening in Rabensford: For the last decade, the Duke’s patrols have been traveling the east road less and less often. Small communities have been falling to marauding monsters and trade in the east has become much more rare. Rabensford has weathered the bad times because their location on the Raben River and their Mayor’s ability to maintain the peace with several local tribes of humanoids. At least, he had been able to. One of the closest tribes he had an agreement with was the Bloodgnash Goblins. They were allowed, once a month, to come trade with the town so long as their raiding parties never approached. They had even staged a joint effort with the town militia to drive out a trio of ogres that had come out of the hills to the north. When no goblins came to last month’s goblin market, NameX1X was a little worried, but he didn’t really worry until some of the outlying farms were attacked. Last week, wolf riding riders wearing the Bloodgnash fetishes raided the goblin market and injured NameX2X who is both the town’s best scout and the head of the militia, and without his expertise, the town is not willing to mount a punitive expidition. Neither the Goblin’s Chief “King” NameX3X nor their shaman NameX4X were there.

The Bloodgnash tribe is undergoing a change in leadership. At the dark of the moon, 2 months ago, NameX4X held one of the holy rituals of Gnarsh, Goblin God of War, and the god made itself manifest in the person of one of its servitor demons. It chastised NameX4X then killed NameX3X. It then started directing the tribe to forgo the heresy of peace and begin making war again.



It has been a long week traveling across unsettled lands, and the map you got from the tinkerer you met the first night out must have been old and created by a drunk cartographer. You are also beginning to suspect that he might have been lying bout the Drop Bears Two leagues out, none of the landmarks were where they should be, three different inns marked on the map were burn shells, and the first village you  reached was nearly a league further east than it should have been. And here you are, Rabensford, a small Town that strides the Raben River.


NameX1X, the mayor of Rabensford  sends his daughter with a message for the party after they have time to browse through the town and settle in. She tells them that “Da” wants to meet with them and that she is to escort them to his home. The mayor tells the party his problems and requests their aid in dealing with the problem. He offers 100 treasure in exchange for their help, plus a week’s free lodging in the town’s inn. He offers to have a militia member bring them to the goblin caves.



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