2 Sheet Adventure Game

Character Creation

Pick a Class (Thief, Wizard, Warrior, Priest);

Pick a Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc);

Assign -1, 0, +1, and +2 to your stats

Strong: strength, endurance, ability to overcome the physical

Will Intelligence, observation, reasoning, convincing

Quick Agility, accuracy ability to dodge things

Mystic ability to deal with and overcome mystical things.

Assign HP

Pick 2 class features; Pick a race feature; Assign a Name Pick Gear



Thief (8hp per level, +1 to hit for every 3 features picked, may only use 1 handed weapons and cross bows, Starting Gear: Thieves’ Tools, 1 Weapon, Leather Armor, and 2 treasure.)

Sneak Roll +1+ Quick vs Will to not be seen.

Stabby (If you are unseen, do 2X weapon damage)

Trap Smith (Roll + 1+ Quick to disarm a trap without setting it off)

Observant (Roll +1 + Will to find something hidden)

Kissed by Luck (Use Mystic for defense and to end an effect.)

Skilled (Decrease all action difficulties by 1 step out of combat)

Where was that hiding? 3 times per session roll + Mystic vs 9 to have exactly the item you need in this situation


Wizard(6 hp per level, + 1 hit per 4 feature picked, Weird + 1 spell points/level, may only use simple weapons, may not cast in armor. Starting Gear Spell Component Pouch, Dagger or Staff, 1 Potion of Rejuvenation, A wizard knows one spell with the wizard tag)

Spell Book You may know 1 extra spell per level.

Combat Casting You may cast spells in combat.

Armored Caster You may cast while wearing light armor

Analysis Roll +1 + Weird to identify magic events and items.

Lore Roll any knowledge check twice and take the best

Ritual Casting You cast spells out of combat at no SP cost


Warrior (12 hp per level +1 hit per 2 features picked. Starting Gear 2 Weapons, 1 Armor, 1 Shield, and 1 treasure or 2 Weapons and 1 Armor and 2 treasure)

Armor Master if wearing armor, increase your armor by 1

Weapon Master Pick a weapon. +1 to hit and damage with it

Toughness +5 HP

Challenge 1/fight, pick a monster. It must attack you.

Bash Lose 5 HP, overcome one non-combat challenge.

Bloody Wave Lose 3 HP to deal + Weapon damage

Dirty Trick Roll + Quick to give target prone or dazed


Priest(8 hp per level +1 hit per 3 features, Weird +1 spell points, only use Beating Weapons, know all priest spells, Starting Gear 1 Weapon, Holy Symbol, 1 Armor, 2 Treasure)

Turn Undead 2 SP to hit 8 to all undead in melee and close

Combat Casting You may cast spells in combat.

Aura of Might 1/day spend 3 SP to gain +10 to 1 melee

Augry Spend 3 SP, Roll + Weird >7 ask gm a y/n question.

Ritual Casting You cast spells out of combat at no SP cost

Litany Pray 2 rounds. +1 damage & defense to end of fight

Beacon You may give Augury, Aura of Might or Litany to PC


Advanced Features

+1 to hit, +1 strength, +1 Quick, +1 Will, +1 Mystic, take one feature from another class, take an extra feature from your race, +2 to defense.



Dwarf(+1 Will, + 2 damage with axes) Features Can See in the Dark, +2 to hit goblins and giants, Heavy gear does not slow you down,+2 to overcome poison.


Elf(+1 Quick, proficient with bows) Features gain 1 spell and Mystic SP, Star Light Vision, +1 to magic related skill checks, Decrease difficulty of checks to find things 1 step.


Human (+1 to stat of choice) Features Take one class feature from another class., +1 to one stat(max 3), +3 hp, +1 defense


Orc (+1 Strong, +4 hp, -1 Will) Features Can act until at -5 HP, once per day an enemy must reroll a die, 3 + strong damage bite second attack, +2 defense while unarmored







Shop x T = x Treasure cost.

Gear (Pay 1 treasure for 3 items)Rope, Torch, 10 foot pole, Iron spikes, rations, chalk, bag of  marbles, Ammunition, flint and steel, flask of oil, lantern, bag,

Weapons (Default Melee, hand) Dagger (Simple, Cut, 3, melee, close, 1AP, 1 T), Sword (Cut 5, 3 T), Great Sword(2 Hand, Cut, 8, 4 T), Club (Simple Beat 4, 2 T), Warhammer(Beat 5, 4 T), Staff (Simple 2 Hand, Beat 5, 2 T), Maul (2 Hand, Heavy, Beat 7 6 T), Javelin (Melee, Close 3, 2 T) , Spear(Simple, Poke, 4, 3 T)  Lance (2 Hand, Heavy, Poke 7, 5 T), Halberd (2 hand, reach, Heavy, Cut 7, 6 T), Axe (melee, close cut 4, 2 T), Battle Axe (melee, close, cut 6, 5 T), Great Axe (Melee, 2 Hand, Cut 8, AP1, 8 T), Sling (Simple, Close, Beat 3, 1 T), Short Bow (Close, 2 hand, Poke 5, Ammo, 6 T), Crossbow(Close, Far, Reload, Poke10, Ammo, AP 2, 9 T), Longbow (Close, Far, Poke 8, Ammo, 9 T)

Armor Leather Light 1 4 T, Chain Mail 2, 8 T, Scale Mail Heavy 3, 11 T, Plate Heavy 4, 15 T, Shield Light Hand 1 4 T

Magic Items


Heal (Recover 6 Hp 2 T), Rejuvination (Recover 4 SP, 2 T), Growth (Character gains +4 damage and Reach until end of combat), Fire Breath (Cast Burning Hands, 4 T), Invisibility (Turn Invisible until you attack, 6 T), Major Heal (Recover 12 Hp, 6 T)


Each want casts 1 spell. Wands cost the SP of their spell * 10. A wand allows a character to cast a spell once per day at no SP cost.

Enchanted Weapons and Armor

Flaming Long Sword +4 fire Damage 150 T

Mace of the Sun Ignores the Defenses of Undead 200 T

Long Bow of the Wind Does not use Ammunition 120 T

Javelin of Lightning Turns into a 18 damage lightning bolt once a day 300 T

Bane Weapon Select a Category of monster. This weapon does 4 extra damage to monsters of that sort, 250 T

Leather Armor of Shadows Increase your success level on a stealth check by 1 step. 100 T.

Fairy Chain Mail once per encounter, you may move to melee or far with one creature. 200 T

Shield of Arrow Catching The first missile weapon that would hit the bearer each round hits this shield first, 150 T


Bolt Close, Far, 1 SP, Wizard, 5 damage

Burning Hand Melee, Close, Area, Magic, Fire,  3 Damage, 1 sp, Wizard

Spell Armor Personal, Persistent, 1 sp, Wizard, Priest, gain +1 defense

Heal Touch, 1 sp, Priest, target recovers 6 hp

Light Touch, 1 sp, Priest, Wizard, Target glows like a torch

Charm Melee, 2 sp, Wizard, Persistant, Mind, Target treats the caster as an ally.

Paralysis Melee 2 sp, Priest, End of Fight, Mind. Target cannot move.

Invisibility Touch, 3 sp Ritual, Wizard, Persistant. Target is invisible until they attack.

Dispel Melee, Close, 3 sp, Wizard, Priest, Make a check, dc normal + sp cost to end a persistant spell.

Mirror Image Personal, 3 sp, Wizard, End of Combat, Creates 2 identical images that move with the caster. They disappear when hit, and are hit first.

Sleep Melee, Close, 3 sp, Wizard, Mind, + Mystic vs Hard  EndsTarget creature falls asleep.

Enchant Item Touch 4sp, Ritual, Priest or Wizard Spend a week casting this spell. Lose 1 XP per 100 treasure value of the item you want to make. You can make 3 potions per casting for 1 XP. Roll +Mystic vs Normal + the XP spent to succeed. The xp is spent either way.To make a potion you must have the spell.

Disguise Personal, Persistant, Ritual, Wizard, 4 sp,You can hide yourself as another person. It takes a hard check to pierce your disguise.

Heal 2 Touch, 4 sp, Priest, target recovers 12 hp

Bless Close 4 sp, Priest, End of Fight, Allies in area gain +1 to end effects, to hit and defense.

Fear Melee, Close, 4 sp Wizard, +Mystic Ends, mind, Target creature flees or falls catatonic

Summon Close, 5 sp, Wizard or Priest, End of Combat, Summon up to 5 hp of creatures that fight as if they are the caster’s ally.

Teleport Touch, 6 sp, Wizard or Priest Touched ally is transported to a location of choice that the caster sees or is familiar with. 2 sp per extra target.

Dictum Close, Far 9 sp, Priest, 3 enemies in range take 12 damage and gain Dazed condition.

Lightning Close, far.  9sp, Wizard, 2 targets take 18 electric damage

Raise Dead Touch, 9 sp, Priest, Ritual, Target comes back from the dead.

Animate Dead Touch, 9sp, Wizard, Ritual, Animate a corpse into a skeleton controlled by caster.  Each controlled skeleton reduces caster’s sp by 1

Core Mechanic

Roll 1d12, add modifiers, compare it to a target number. If you roll that number or higher, you succeed. If you roll lower, you fail. There are no automatic Misses, and dice explode. Any time you roll a 12, roll again and add that number to your total.

Difficulties: 2 Simple, 5 Easy, 7 Normal, 10 Difficult, 11 Hard, 13 Incredible, 15 Amazing,17 Epic, 20 mythic.

If you want to use 2d6 use these:

3 Simple, 5 Easy, 6 Normal, 9 Difficult, 10 Hard, 12 Incredible, 15 Amazing, 17 Epic, 20 Mythic

GMs: the standard difficulty for any action is Normal, moving up or down the scale for any modifiers that apply. A watchful guard with Will plus 1 would require an 11 to sneak past (One step for watchful, + 1 for Will)


If a PC wants to do something with where failure is possible and interesting, the GM will assign a difficulty. On a success, the PC succeeds. On a failure the player chooses to fail or to succeed with a complication.  

Cast a Spell: If you have combat casting, you can cast a spell during a fight. Spend SP and resolve the effect.

Ending Effects

Special effects from spells are avoided or ended by a + Mystic roll vs the caster’s level. Check once per round in combat. Unless an effect


Pick a player to make a + Will roll. They should be in the best position to see the opponents. The difficulty is the highest difficulty in the opponent’s side. If they pass, the party gets to act for a round without response. If they fail by 6, the other side gets to ambush them, Encounters start at Far distance.

The player who rolled goes first. Each player picks who goes next (PC or NPC)

Movement is across zones: Melee, Close, Far. A character can move 1 zone per point of Quick they possess and take an action. If their Quick is 0 they may move 1. If Quick is < 0, they may move 1 or take an action. Reduce movement by 1 per heavy item carried or worn. 6 Normal items = 1 heavy.

Actions you may take 1 action (attack, skill, use an item, cast a spell (with combat casting)

Attack you roll your hit + stat (strong in melee, Quick in ranged combat) vs the difficulty of your target. Do your damage (weapon + stat – opponent’s defense) If you hit, even if you do no damage, apply the attack’s special. Each time the dice explode, add your weapon + stat to the total damage you do.

Defense Your defense number is subtracted from all damage done by a hit. AP x attacks decrease the defense value against that attack


When you fail a skill roll, mark XP. When you survive a Combat Mark XP.

When your XP is greater than or equal to your level +4, erase your level + 4 marks and gain a level. Gain HP and add a new class feature. If you have 5 or more class features, you may pick from the advanced features as well. Humans may pick an advanced feature at 4th level while all other races can pick one at 5th level. You may only take each feature once. After tenth level you still accumulate XP but do not further level. If you lose enough xp to bring your total marks below 0, lose a level and count backward from the max p for that level. Ex: A 5th level character with 2 XP loses 4 XP, She becomes 4th level with 6 XP.


Distance: Personal, Melee, Close, Far

Duration(Now): x rounds, end of fight, Persistent (end of day)

Targets Touch, (Single), Area, All

Damage Type Beat, Cut, Poke

Conditions Prone (-1 hit, -1 Def, 7+Will  ends), Dazed (-2 hit, 7+ Strong Ends), Disarmed (Only Strong to Damage, retrieve weapon ends), enchanted (as per effect, +7 Mystic ends)

Ammo If you use this more than once in a fight, lose 1 ammo.

Reload Must spend 1 round loading after using this.

Hand Takes 1 hand to use

Reach A melee weapon that can be used to hit close targets

AP X Ignores the first X points of defense.

Ritual (May not be cast in combat)

Fire (Catches flammable items on fire, Normal Quick Check to end), Stunning (Target’s rolls are decreased to the lower level of success.), Necrotic (Heals Undead), Ice (Normal Difficulty Check or fall prone), Acid (Ongoing until +Str vs Difficulty),

Pack(gains 1 to hit when there are others of its the in the fight),

Weak Type (Takes 1 extra damage from this type of attack.)

Regenerates X (Regain x hp each round, unless hit by their weakness)

Recruiter: Any humanoid killed by one of these comes back as one next day.










Bestiary Monster Hit Bonuses +1 Simple, +2 Easy, +3 Normal, +4 Difficult, +5 Hard, +6 Incredible, +7 Amazing, +8 Epic, +9 Mythic

Hordes (These creatures are organized, smart, and come in large numbers)

Goblin HP 2, Str  -1, Wil -2, Qui +1, Mys,-1 Def 0, Easy, Rusty Knife Melee 2C or sling Close 2B.

Kobold HP2, Str  -2, Wil -2, Qui +2, Mys,-1 Def 0, Easy, Dart Close 2P or bite melee 2P. Pack

Gnoll HP 5, Str +1, Wil 0, Qui+0, Mys 0, Def 1, Normal. Machette Melee 4C. Pack

Reptoids HP 5, Str +1, Wil +1, Qui+1 Mys 0, Def 2, Normal, Spear Melee 4P, Immune to Fire.


Troll HP 20, Str +3, Will 0, Qui 0, Mys -1, Def 1, Normal, 2 X Claw 6C + Bite 8P, Weak Fire, Regenerates 5

Ogre HP 25, Str +3, Will 0, Qui 0, Mys 0, Def 3, Normal, Giant Club 10B.

Etin HP 40, Str +3, Will +1, Qui 0, Mys 0, Def 3, Difficult, 2X Giant Spear 9P, 2 Heads: Rolls twice to overcome spells and remove effect.

Hill Giant HP 45, Str +4, Wil 0, Qui +1, Mys 0, Def 3, Hard, Giant Club 12B or Thrown Stone Close, Far 10 B.


Wyvern HP 30, Str +2, Wil+1, Qui +1, Mys +1, Def 3, Difficult, Bite 10P or Sting Melee Close 8P + Normal Poison (1 damage per round), Can fly.

Werewolf HP 15, Str +1, Wil +2, Qui+1, Mys +2, Def 5, Difficult, Bite 4P  and + Will vs Normal or turn into a werewolf at next full moon (become npc) Silver weapons act as AP 5, Pack

Ooze HP 30, Str + 1, Wil -1, Qui -1, Mys +2, Def 2, Normal, Engulf 6B + 2 Acid. Immune B, Magic. Roll + Mys vs Difficult to reflect spells at the caster.

Dragon HP 75, Str +6, Wil +3, Qui +2, Mys +4, Def 12, Amazing,(melee) Bite 25P + 2 X Claw 15P + 2X Wing Buffet 15B + Tail 10B or Crushing Roll (all targets close and melee) 20B or Fire Breath Close, Far, Area Dragon’s Current HP Fire, Flies

Gargoyle HP 12, Str +2, Wil +1, Qui +2, Mys +0, Def 6, Diffcult,  4x Claw Melee 7C,

Mimic HP 20, Str +2, Wil 0, Qui +1, Mys 2, Def +1, Normal, Bite Melee 12P, Disguise: The Mimic can hide as some large object in the dungeon. +2 levels to any related hiding rolls and ambush detection.

Harpy HP 8, Str +0, Wil +1, Qui +2, Mys -1, Def +0, Normal, Sword Melee 5C, fly, pack

Undead (All are immune to mind effects, poison, heal from necrotic damage and are harmed by healing effects)

Skeleton HP 3, Str 0, Wil 0 Qui 0, Mys 0, Def +1, Normal, Claws X2 Melee 4C Weak to Beat

Zombie HP 5, Str +1, Wil 0, Qui 0, Mys 0, Def 0, Normal, Bash Melee 6B and Bite Melee 2P + Zombie Rot (Ongoing, no natural healing until pass a normal +str check

Ghoul HP 8, Str 1, Wil 0, Qui +1, Mys+0, Def 2, Normal, Claw Melee 4C + Dazed, Pack

Wraith HP 14, Str,0, Wil 3, Qui 1, Mys 1, Def 0, Hard, Death Touch 7C + Stunned, Lose 1 marked XP. Incorporial Can only be hit by magic or magic weapons. Recruiter

Wight HP 18, Str +2, Wil +0, Qui +1, Arc +0, Def 3, Normal, Bash Melee  7B + Ice. Weak Magic, Regeneration 3, Recruiter

Vampire HP 28, Str +3, Wil +1, Qui +3, Mys +2, Def 3, Hard, Bash Melee 12B + Dazed. Cast Charm at will. Summon 4 Wolves or 6 Rats 1/day. On death, Turn into Mist. Reborn the next night. Sunlight harms for 8 damage/round, A stake through the heart kills.


Rats HP 3, Str -2, Wil -1, Qui +1, Mys -1, Def 0, Easy, Bite Melee 2 P

Wolves HP 6, Str 1, Wil -1, Qui +2, Mys -1, Def 1, Normal, Bite 5P + Prone

Giant Spider HP 9, Str +1, Wil -1, Qui +1 Mys 0, Def 2, Normal, Bite Melee 8P + Poison 2

Bear Hp 12, Str +2, Wil 0, Qui +1, Mys 0, Def 1, Normal, Bite Melee 8P, 2X Claw Melee 4C

Crockodile HP 12, Str +3, Wil 0, Qui 1, Mys 0, Def 1, Hard, Bite Melee 10P+ Drag to Water

Demons (Take damage from turning, but heal from healing.

Imp HP 5, Str -2, Wil +1, Qui 1, Mys +1, Def 0, Normal, Claw Melee 3P, 5sp, Hellfire (as bolt, but fire)

Goat Demon 10 HP, Str +0, Wil +1, Qui 2, Mys 1, Def 2, Normal, Horns Melee 8P
Fire Demon 15 HP, Str +2, Wil +1, Qui +1, Mys 0, Def 3, Hard, Burning Claws Melee 8P +4 Fire.

Ice Demon 15 HP, Str +2, Wil +1, Qui +0, Mys 1, Def 3, Hard, Icy Claws Melee 8P +4 Cold.
Shadow Demon HP 25, Str +1, Wil +1, Qui+2, Mys +1, Def 3, Hard, 2X Shadow Claws Melee 9S Ice, ignores defense. Shadow Walk A shadow demon and move from shadow to shadow. +2 success in any Stealth check.
Rage Demon Hp 40, Str+3 Wil +1, Qui+3, Mys +1, Def 5, Hard, 2X Claws Melee 14S and 4 fire damage to all targets within close range.

Demon Lord HP 75, Str +3, Wil +2, Qui+2, Mys+1, Def 5, Amazing, , Dark Pact A demon Lord can give a mortal a boon. If a character who has a dark pact boon dies, they can not be raised from the dead. The particular boon is discussed between the player and the GM.

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