13 Tricks: A (potentially nomic) card game

13 Tricks

This is a Draft based trick taking game for 2 or more players.
1 deck of identically backed cards without jokers per 4 players.


Shuffle each deck, then shuffle the decks together.

Deal 13 cards to each player.

Each player takes 1 card from their stack and passes it to the left.

This continues until everyone has 13 cards.


Each player shuffles their deck and draws 5 cards from it.

Determine the first lead player (RPS works nicely, as does oldest, youngest, etc).

The lead player plays a card, which determines the suit. Play progresses to the Leader’s left.
The player who wins the trick, gets a point. (See trick rules below)

After playing a card, you must, if possible, draw a new card

After each turn the player to the left of the lead player becomes the next turn’s lead player.

At the end of the game, the player with the most tricks wins.

Trick Rules:

The Natural Order of Things

The cards are, in increasing value, A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K

Aristotelian Opposition

Hearts oppose Clubs

Diamonds oppose Spades

The Rich Get Richer

Within the current suit, high card wins.

The Low Road:

A 2,3, or 4 of the opposition suit is called “The Low Road” and the Low Road beats a J,Q or K of the current suit, but are beaten by any other card of the active suit except an ace.

A 2 on the low road is beaten by a 3 which is beaten by a 4

An Ace does not beat any card, but it changes the active suit to the ace’s face. The only way an ace wins is if no one plays any cards of the ace’s suit. On the other hand, it can be played to ensure another player doesn’t win the hand.

I Want to Make You an Offer:

Table deals are encouraged.

I Was Here First:
In the case of a tie, the player closest to the Lead’s left wins the trick.

Let’s See What Happens

It is considered bad form to remind any player of the trick rules before the winner of a hand is determined.

Nom Nom Nomic? (Optional Rule)

The Winner of the hand may create a new trick rule or change an existing one (except this one.)

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