Na Essad Review

So I went through my blog posts and decided to pull out all of my Na Essad posts as a prelude to thinkng more about the setting:
Originally I called it “The Fire Cave Project” but eventually the cave was renamed to Na Essad, which means, roughly, Stone Trap.

My initial thoughts on what I wanted to do with the setting:


Origin Stories:

Na Essad Cosmology:

Na Essad Origin Take 2 This is done in an in universe voice:


Rules of the World:

Summoning Magic in Na Essad:



Na Essad Gods

A general discussion of how dieties work in Na Essad:

More specifically the kinds of resident deities you might find int he caverns:

Here is a somewhat sinister divinity that was inspired by the new Dr Who…


Organizations and Communities


Places and Features:

Monsters of Na Essad


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