Earth’s Empires tech

While the technology exists, flying cars are a rarity on most worlds in most times in the setting. That said, the skies over the cities of humanity are not empty. In most places the air contains both government and civilian surveillance drones.

The civillian drones are semi-autonomous flyers that circle in great clouds above the buildings, searching both optical and radio frequencies, pattern matching inputs in hope of discovering news worthy stories. Occasionally one will alert its minder of a potential story and get the ok to investigate. When that happens, the graceful wing meshes that it used to stay afloat above the city collapse into a sleeker, high speed form that is used for close in reconnisance. From the cloud of flyers, first one will drop , then as confirmation of interest becomes stronger, more and more will follow until you have a score of surveillance vehicles or more scanning an area. Of course, high speed reconnisance is not now you develop a story, so there is a final deployment phase. The craft reforms itself one last time, baring recording and communication equipment, becoming once again a flying wing, and finally deploying a quad rotor system to enable quiet and stable recording as well as the ability to follow a subject closely.

A larger event, shots fired, a large accident, anything with a large visual or audio component can cause hundreds of camera drones to descend upon the region. It is often possible to reconstruct a complete record of events after the first fifteen to thirty seconds

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