Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

For my gaming group’s first non-D&D session, I wanted to pick something that was as far from D&D/Pathfinder as I could. So I picked Do. It is built around the assumption that the players will succeed in their tasks, that they will succeed without having to kill everything in their path. It doesn’t use dice or minis, and the game runs entirely without a GM. It is played on a sheet of paper with each player recording their own turn as it is played.

Here is our play notes (a direct transcript, with full names added when a character was introduced without one):
Humble pie does not want to interrupt his party to inform them that the whale was on route toward the party and then swallowed the party.
Humble Pie makes whale sushi to placate the party. And then, you see, Whisperless Pass (in a tactless display) loudly exclaimed, “Mmmmm, this whale is so tasty.” The whale began to sob, shaking the whole group to its core.
Whisperless pass pets the side of the whale until it quiets down, singing a whale lulluby. Meanwhile, the whale’s tears have washed away much of the debris scattered about the whale’s cavernous maw.
The party flies toward the planet in the distance, which contains a worried Melanie, to whom Effervescent Melody plays a song with her magical lute to calm her.
But the sparkling bubbly bounciness of Effervescent draws the eye and draws the ire of Melanie’s parents, who emerge from the house to glower and gloom over the temple-folks’ prospects of liberating a planet.
Merry Toolkit builds a harness for Melanie’s cat and explains his plan to have the cat pull th eplanet out of the whale while Effervescence empowers the cat with her magical lute. Merry cheerfully calls the cat who runs over the horizon and reveals itself to be huge, which greatly excites Merry causing him to call for it even more happily. The cat leaps over the trees and lands on Merry, purring contentedly. Merry is actually happy about this but it did hurt.
In a burst of inspiration, Lucent Flowers causes a patch of catnip to pop up near Melanie’s house, rescuing Merry from his fate as a cat toy.
Humble, having been charged with attaching the harness to the cat, begins to do so despite the mismatch in harness/cat size. He doesn’t want to cause trouble by asking why the harness is so small. In the attempt, the cat eats the harness and Humble’s arm up to his shoulder. Humble then notices the mathematical progression the cat opens and closes its mouth by. Using this knowledge, he jumps into the cat’s face to retrieve the harness. From this perch he can control the cat, using its teeth/control levers.
The harness is thrown out of the cat. Whisperless strolls over to the parents and offers each one a perfumed cigar, regaling them with tales of their extraordinary Temple exploits so they don’t notice Melody appropriating their gargantuan cat.
With a stroke of genius and a stroke on a string, Effervescent Melody moves the planet and propels it out of the whale’s gaping mouth.
Effervescent, flush with frenetic fervor at having rescued Melanie’s planet from the maw of the whale. offers to help Melanie make cookies. With the exaggerated patience only a child can exhibit, Melany asks, “What are you going to do about the whale?”
Merry builds a giant cat/toast powered propeller and a rudder to manouver the planet out of the way of the whale.
Then in the midst of his dance of joy, Merry climbs a tree and gets stuck in it.
Everyone praised Humble and thanked him for his help, but Humble thought they were just being nice.
Licking the last crumbs of whale sushi from her fingers, Whisperless contentedly watches the whale recede into the distance.
Excitedly, Effervescent Melody strums a jolly tune while screaming at the top of her lungs.
Merry, remembering he can fly jumps from the tree and joyfully flies around the planet.
Lucent ate cookies with Melanie’s family and continued on his voyage across the skies.

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