Infinite City

Several years ago, I saw a print in the art section of the gencon main floor that I just had to have. It felt particularly Sharn like to me so I bought it and found out that it was one of the pieces coming out for a tile placing board game called infinite city. A couple of years later, the game came out and I bought that from my flgs. Now I don’t get to play board games very much, so it sort of just sat there on my shelf of unplayed board games until last night. My D&D group was mostly absent (and mostly on short notice) from our weekly game, so those of us who were actually there decided to play something different. We played a very brief (sub 30 minute) game of “let’s talk about what board game to play” and decided on Infinite City, mostly, if I recall. based on the box art. (So ladies and gentlemen, if you want people to randomly pick up and play your cool tile based board game, the lesson here is “Get Charles Urbach to do your art.”
The game play is pretty simple. Play a tile, follow the tile’s instructions, draw your hand back up to 5 tiles. My only complaints are that I wish the game had slightly clearer rules, or definitions of all of the terms. We kept running into questions like “does a power station stop players from adding tokens to a hotel?” That said, the game was great fun, with an ever growing and shifting play space. We played two games with three people in under 2 hours, while learning the rules. I do wonder if the board wouldn’t become a bit unwieldy with the listed maximum of 6 players.

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