Introduction to the Gods of Na Essad

Though the followers of nearly any god or primordial power throughout the multiverse have at one time or another been stranded in Na Essad, the majority of the people of the cavern worship one of the trapped gods. The gods of Na Essad come in four broad categories: The trapped gods, deities from outside of Na Essad. They seldom last long there. Either they act too overtly and are ensnared by the cavern, locked up eternally, or they become desperate and surrender their godhood so that they might die a mortal’s death and have a chance to pass back into the multiverse. Dozens of gods and primordials have tried this, it is unknown how many have succeeded. The Ascended are gods and primordials who attained divinity while living in Na Essad. It doesn’t happen often, but they do tend to be better at avoiding the attention of the demiplane. Most of the gods with significant followings in Na Essad are Ascended. The third tier is Aspects. Aspects are powerful mortal followers of a deity who, upon death, were offered a chance to house a fragment of the deity’s power and act as a channel of awareness. They lack the full divinity that triggers the traps of Na Essad, but they speak for their gods, and when they die, they are drawn through the realm of death to report on what is happening in the demiplane. Aspects often seem to be normal people until they are called upon to do exceptional deeds. Often, an aspect is revealed when their mortal guise is struck down. The fourth sort of object of worship is trapped supernatural creatures. Powerful demons, unattached angels, a few trapped fey, and other sorts of powerful creatures that can grant their followers boons. The worship of mortals empowers them, and in response they can gain the abilities to grant the same sorts of boons as a deity.

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