More on the gods and Na Essad.

In the greater multiverse most of the god-class entities know of Na Essad. They generally avoid it because it is exceedingly dangerous for a god class entity. The dangers are two fold. Designed to hold a deity, the only escape from Na Essad is through death, and Na Essad specifically bars that option from god class entities. The second problem for a divinity in Na Essad is that they have to remain hidden from the demiplane’s defenses unless they wish to be encysted and buried helples in the heart of the world. The handful of divinities who walk free in Na Essad are exceedingly careful not to use their power too often or too profiligately.
At any given time there are a dozen or so god class entities represented by Aspects, but the sacrifice inherent in creating an aspect means that even these lesser constructs are used very carefully. Aspects are generally weak enough that when they die, their essence can pass through death to escape.
A deity who is trapped in Na Essad has two options. One, it can keep a low profile, avoid triggering the god traps of the demiplane and go about its business. A god class entity that does this for a few hundred years is likely to be approached by one of the powers that is voluntarily bound here and offered a place as a guardian of the world. The Guardians possess the knowledge of how to circumvent many of the bindings that are designed to capture free god class entities, though even thee creators themselves can not escape in any way save death.

The second thing that a captured god, primal, primordial, or powerful abberant lord can do is surrender their divinity in a bid to become mortals and thus attain the escape of death. When they do this, the power that was embodied in their godhood coalesces into a physical object, a unique power source that Na Essad uses to help maintain its wards. These items collect in a hidden grotto deep within the core of the plane.

Over the centuries, most god class entities trapped in Na Essad except for those who have ascended here and those who chose exile here during the creation of the demiplane end up either captured by the world or attempting escape by mortality.

A large proportion of the god class entities that have been encysted by Na Essad have been beings from the far realm. By the standards of the rest of the multiverse they are insane and their motivations are unfathomable. They don’t generally lay low very well and most of the ones that cross over from the far realm are quite active beings anyway.

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