Dragon Age RPG Point Buy

I’m reading the Dragon Age RPG basic set with the intention of reviewing it, but I came across something that I want to deal with right now. The character the way the modifiers fall, your characters will likely be above a statistical average, but I like having more control over the characters I build. I also like the idea of everyone starting on the same footing. So here is my point buy system. It isn’t mathematically identical to 3d6, but it is close enough.
Dragon Age Point Buy
Every Stat starts at zero.
you can sell a stat to -1 for 1 point or -2 for 2 points. (Given the distribution in the standard game, this undervalues a -2)
You may buy a 1 for 1 point.
You may buy a 2 for 3 points
You may buy a 3 for 5 points
You may buy a 4 for 7 points
You start with 17 points to distribute
That lets you start with a character with this array:
-1,0,1,1,1,2,2,3 which follows the distribution pretty well. In fact it would be reasonable to just use that array.
Notice that buying a 4 is expensive. In the raw, a 4 will happen 1 in 216 times, giving a 3.64 percent chance of a 4 in any given character. A -2 has the same odds, but since the purpose of this system is to make playable characters who resemble rolled characters, I want to discourage characters with lots of penalties in order to buy a few big bonuses.

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