NaMoDesMo 16: Parmesan Golem

In the temple of hard cheeses, nearly every important site is guarded by a few of these most basic of cheese Golems. Among the hardest of cheeses, shards and hunks and whole wheels of Parmesan are bound in a rumbling aggregation by the fell magics of the Acolytes of the Hard Path. Though not the most powerful assailants, a Parmesan golem is huge and heavy, and the special enchantments that bind a chaotic jumble of cheeses together into a huge sock smelling mound also harden the individual pieces making them shockingly hard to damage. A Parmesan Golem smashes its opponents with massive wheels of cheese. Any attack that deals 1/8th of a Parmesan golem’s initial hp at once briefly disrupts the arcane bindings that hold them together. They briefly explode into a roaring cloud of blocks of cheese, damaging anyone nearby. Then they reform. A Parmesan golem fights to the death in fulfillment of their orders.

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