NaMoDesMo 15 Chue Falade Warrior

In the Temple of Soft Cheeses, corners are smooth, fungi of all sorts make a home, and nothing is quite what it appears. The Chue Falade Warriors are a prime example of this. They are alabaster humanoids, looking much like marble statues of humans of twisted visage. They form ordered ranks against intruders, armed with blade or axe, and they fight without fear. But, when a Chu Falade is bloodied, it collapses into a new form: A Chue Falade Ooze. When they collapse, their oder increases ten fold, acting as a burst attack that causes nausea. They then attack with their sticky pseudopods, trying to engulf and sufficate their victims. Chue Falade oozes can combine with eachother to form single large entities with the combined hitpoints of the combining oozes. They may not have more hp than the Warriors that spawned them do though.

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