NaMoDesMo 14 Myling

Yeah, I intend to finish this, even if it takes until next November to do so.
I think it was either Piers Anthony or Robert Asprin who said “I am not a fast writer. I am not a slow writer. I am a half-fast writer.” Alas I am not nearly fast enough to be a half fast writer.

Well on to the monstrous creatures.

Mylings are some of the darkest creatures of Mythic Sweden. They are the ghosts of children, usually infants, who were for one reason or another abandoned to their deaths in the wild. They haunt the lost and the secret places of the land, small testaments that the worst monsters are human.

When initially encountered, Mylings are similar to a will-o’-wisps, tiny globes of light that flit around the abandoned places of the world, and often that is the end of the encounter. But if a lone wanderer encounters a myling at night, the small ghost will chase the traveler, crashing through the underbrush and attacking the wanderer with a paralyzing touch. It does not kill the wanderer, instead, it attaches itself to the back of the traveler. It demands that they bring it to a graveyard where it can rest on consecrated ground. As the night goes on, the Myling grows heavier and heavier, and if the victim falls under the creature’s weight, it attacks in a rage, usually beating the poor victim to death. People slain by Mylings often rise again themselves as undead creatures, and a wood with a myling resident in it quickly becomes overrun by the undead. Laying one of these sad creatures to rest is likely to win the favor of the local Underjordiske.

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