The Sisters of Stone

The Sisters of Stone are a small community of Medusa who live on Vostin’s Fang. They maintain cordial relations with Sanctuary, though they usually keep their distance from the bustle of the human city. They practice a strict asceticism, self control aimed at controlling their deadly power. They spend their time hunting the caverns of the Fang, honing their skills as hunter-warriors. They occasionally hire themselves out as mercenaries to the other communities of the Fang. While they do not use their supernatural powers in the service of other communities, they are still highly skilled archers and infiltration specialists.
One of the reasons they hire themselves out is to meet potential mates. All of the medusae of the fang are female, and they must find a humanoid male when they decide to mate. The medusae value brave and resourceful warriors as mates. Their offspring are inevitably female, and upon reaching puberty, they grow the snake hair and manifest the powers of a medusa. These children are raised to a degree of self control that is unmatched amongst even the dwarves, in order to mitigate the dangers of children given power well beyond their maturity. The community knows that they rely on the good will of the surrounding peoples for their survival, though they are powerful, they are always few in number, and a concerted effort from any large grouping of lesser mortals would be devastating for the attackers but it would destroy the Sisters of Stone in the end.

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