NaMoDesMo Misc: Evil Emmental

So, I am obviously behind in my monster designing. I intend to keep working on this until such a time as I have 30 monsters. I am not quite done with my list of creatures from the mythic era of Scandinavia, but I wanted to write this down while i was thinking of it:
Long ago in the early days of the world, the cheeses of the world were nebulous and indistinct. They had not yet gained Names, and the Rites, Rituals, and Processes by which they could be called forth were not yet known. All was chaos. But then it happened that local farmers began to share their Processes and they began to name their cheeses. As everyone knows, the power of a cheese is bound up in its name, which is why the cults of each cheese fight so hard to make sure that only cheeses crafted according to the most exacting specifications may bear the name of their Great Cheese. In the early days, as the Cheese Makers were finding the different methods of creating cheese, and the different Rites were being formulated, it became obvious that different cheeses had different personalities, but that they had many common interests, and many potential points of conflict. Thus was it that the Great Cheeses had their most trusted and loyal followers convene a synod every five years in order to best work toward the good of all cheeses. Now, it turns out that some cheeses were not willing to play nicely with the other cheeses, and instead of using the synod as a tool for peace, they used it to try to dominate the world of cheeses. The greatest of these was a regional semi hard with a solid, smooth interior white cheese from Switzerland called Emmental. It only took a few decades for Emmental to establish itself as one of the most important cheeses in the world. It was central in the decision cast the great working that protected the names of the Cheeses in order to avoid the dilution of their power. Emmental wanted to do this so that it could slowly swallow up the smaller unprotected cheeses, absorbing their followers and increasing its wn power. The working succeeded, and Emmental swiftly began absorbing other regional cheeses. It doubled its following in 10 years, and begain targeting larger cheeses. It choose the upstart “Cheddar” cheese and unlike the others, Cheddar fought back. It was smart and charismatic, and managed to enlist the aid of the other grand cheeses. Emmental was by far the most powerful of the Grand Cheeses by this point, and the collected might of the synod was barely enough to keep it in check. But eventually they did prevail, and in an emergency council, they decided to weaken Emmental by excluding it from the Synod’s name protection and thus diluting its power. It worked. Emmental has split into dozens of differently named cheeses, and there are many different forms that now are made under the name Emmental, some that would hardly be recognized by the original standards setters. Most of the enslaved cheeses have broken free of Emmental’s influence, and the hard core of the Emmental faith has been driven into hiding. This is where the temple of Evil Emmental comes in. Ever since the great Cheese War, the followers of Emmental have had to be circumspect in their worship. Far from any community, they built first an underground structure and eventually an above ground temple where they could plot and scheme to bring about Emmental’s Ascension. There are three major cults devoted to Emmental, the Cult of the Hard Ripened Cheese, the Cult of the Soft Ripened Cheese, and the Far Realm Cult of the Processed Cheese. The three cults spend as much time undermining each other as they do advancing the goals of Emmental, with the traditional rivalry between hard and soft only recently being split by the Aberrant newcomers from the Far Realm.

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