NaMoDesMo 13 Trolls

The trolls of scandinavia are large creatures, usually ugly and violent, though at loosely followers of the ways of hospitality. Many of them are harmed by sunlight, which can turn them to stone. As creatures of the old world, with a seed of evil in their hearts, concecrated ground pains them, and they can not abide the sound of Church Bells. Trolls have been known to relocate building materials for new churches over night to places far from their homes, and to hurl great stones at churches with new bells in the night. Some of the great rocks in the middle of empty fields inScandinavia are rocks that were hurled by anangry troll. Though not often brilliant, some trolls are wise in the ways of the old magic, and some are accomplished users of the old ways. The female trolls are known as trollkonor and are almost universally skilled in witchcraft. They are as large and as ugly as their male counterparts. Trolls in the more isolated parts of the land are darker and more dangerous than the trolls who live in places where humans tend to dwell. The closer to humanity a band of trolls dwells, the more “civilized” they will tend to be, though like all of the underjordiske, they are never safe or tame, and no matter where you are, it is possible to find a troll who will deal with them in a fair manner. The fact that a given troll seems reasonably civilized and urbane does not mean that in other circumstances, it would hesitate to have you as a midnight snack.

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