NaMoDesMo 12 Fanden the Fiend

A tall lanky man in top hat and tails, Fanden wanders Scandinavia sporadically. Usually he is found teaching at the academy at Wittenburg where he instructed students in the use of the Black Book. He is one of the aspects of the Devil and can be recognized by his cloven foot and the tiny horns on his head. It is said that someone unskilled in the use of the Black Book can accidentially summon him, that he can be called by those who wish to make a contract with him, and that anyone might meet him on the road or at their door. When angered he is a dangerous enemy, and all the rest of the time he is just dangerous. Though he is amicable and cheerful, one should never forget that he is the prince of lies and the lord of darkness. If you get between him and his goals, he is likely to leave you shattered, your life in ruins. He is not often a raving sociopathic monster, he is an urbane sociopathic monster. He can be outsmarted, tricked into doing things he ought not out of pride.He is also eternal, though his body in this world can be killed, it will just reform in a location of his choice by midnight. If they face him on his home turf, he is likely to call up an army of demons to protect him, and if that fails, the forces of heaven itself would amass in his defense. They are not yet ready for the last trump, and a band of mortals slaying the real prince of darkness in his lair would surely begin Ragnorok.
As it goes, he bides his time, walks the world, and enjoys himself amongst the splendid folly of the mortals.

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