NaMoDesMo 11 Lindwurm

Lindwurms are the dragons of mythic Scandinavia. They are, much like the Jothem, a lesser reflection of their ancestors from the Heroic era, but still great and terrible beasts. They generally have long serpentine forms with a large pair of forelimbs, though legless and quadrupedal form are known, and some few possess wings. They are often venomous though few have a breath weapon. Their great forms are capable of surprising leaps, though they can mis their distance when excited by the presence of prey (anything small enough to fit down their gullet.) Though hard to kill, they are susceptible to the calling songs of the Finns. Lindwurms are in general much less clever than the true dragons, though some do learn to talk as do men. It is recorded that they may be captured as young and raised by a caring individual, though in the absence of their master, they rapidly revert to their feral natures. Added to their truly prodigious growth rates, a domestic Lindwurm is a menace to all of those around it. A lindwurm relies on its huge size, venom, and mobility to overwhelm its opponents, so standard lindwurm hunting strategies include binding it in place with a hook and a heavy iron chain, often baited with an ox or similar morsel. Of course, if the hook or chain is not strong enough, all that gives you is a hurt and angry Lindwurm.

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