NaMoDesMo 10 Stromkarl

The Stromkarl is a male water spirit who prefers to inhabit waterfalls, but can be found in the lowland brooks as well. They are spirits of knowledge and of music, and will, if approached with proper respect and a fine gift, teach those with some skill one of the eleven dance tunes that are the secret of his kind. Each tune woks in a primal magic and can only be taught by the Stromkarlen. The Stromkarlen either wear rich finery that maintains its crispness and beauty even when dripping wet or they go naked depending on the nature of the landsaround them. A Stromkarl’s fiddle is completely impervious to the damp and the wet and creates a rich, vibrant sound. If a potential student comes with inadequate gifts, the Stromkarl is likely to teach him how to tune the fiddle instead of how to play it.
Though they prefer to avoid conflict, the Stromkarlen are after all underjordiske, and are capable of responding to offense with extreme unpleasantness, even violence. It is said that the Stromkarlen can take the form of a water horse if they need to flee a persistant foe, or they feel the need to chastise a particularly rude visitor. The old stories tell of Stromkarlen falling in love with beautiful human girls, even marrying them, but it always ends poorly, since a stromkarl separated fro his waterway eventually grows depressed and despondent, and eventually leaves his land bound family in order to return to the home he was born to.

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