NaMoDesMo 6 Cinder Sprite Swarm

Cinder Sprites are voracious playful fey that flit over the Stone Sea and along its shores. They will chase anything that moves and eat anything that doesn’t. Of course, sometime when they catch something that moves, it becomes something that doesn’t. A Cinder Sprite that is chasing something burns hotter and hotter until suddenly their fires burn out and they fall, inert. When this happens over the Stone Sea, their fires are refreshed by the molten stone, but a Cinder Sprite that burns out on the shores of the sea takes on the form of an inert bit of char. They can be revitalized again as well by throwing them in the magma or placing them in a bonfire. Many of the magma dwelling predators of the Stone Sea eat Cinder Sprites like fish eat mayflies. Though barely sentient, a Cinder Sprite may remember a person who returns it to the fire and, within their limited abilities, try to repay the boon.

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