NaMoDesMo 5 Lord Malix One Eyed.

The Pyros Haddim, the Fire Titans of Na Essad have several monsterous aspects in their culture. One of those is the destruction of any infant Pyros Haddim that shows any physical perfection. Their gene pool is very limited and their purpose is of uttermost importance, so they dare not allow any members of their race that might be susceptible to the corruption of the power at the heart of the world live. Through out their lives they go through continuous testing to ascertain their continued purity of mind and purpose.
When Malix One Eyed was born, there was no question. He was set out on a stone raft as a new born infant and left to drift off to his doom. He was shrunken and twisted, his head deformed, holding but a single eye, and his flesh did not radiate the natural heat of the Pyros Haddim. The giants sent him on his way and went on with their lives, hardly remembering the even a year later.
Malix, who was at the time unnamed, did not suffer the fate of so many malformed Haddim infants. The dark power of the world did indeed call out to him, and it guided his raft to the Brass Tower. There the Efreets who found him raised the infant giant as a buffoon and slave, a curiosity to lighten dull hours. They named him “Tiny” but usually called him only “slave.” The long centuries of giantish childhood passed and Malix grew to his stunted height. He was never as strong or as graceful as his more robust relatives, but his whole life was spent with the a voice from the darkness whispering in his ear, giving him secrets of power with which to reshape the world to his whim. This early contact with darkness and his natal mutations made him a natural sorcerer.
He clowned, and he studied his captors, and he listened to the dark whispers in his mind, and he grew in power. He was still in service when Vostin built his machine to crack the world, and by the time the Fang had formed, he was ready. Armed with the powers of entropy and fire, Malix assaulted the entire Efreet court during a banquet. A dozen of the great lords fell before his enslaught, though the combined power of the Efreets was still far greater than his own. They scorched and scoured his flesh in a pyroclastic battle that rocked the enchanted tower itself. As his flesh burnt away, his true plan came to fruition. His physical body was destroyed but his spirit was bound to the dark power, and there it fled. He spend a century as a disembodied servant of the darkness, acting as its agent as it studied the workings of the newcomer Vostin to see if he could be used to further weaken the bonds that kept Na Essad whole. He did this, and was well rewarded, becoming the greatest and most powerful servant of the heart of the world, but he kept a secret even from it. There had been two voices whispering in his mind his whole life. The first was that of the Darkness. The second was a voice of Duty and Justice, the voice of one of the nameless gods who had sacrificed themselves to form the great Stone Trap. It was one of the hidden spirits that remained there to guard the eternal prison. It comforted the young giant and showed it the truth of the words and the world. It was unable to make of him a shining champion, but it did instill a deep but hidden hatred of the dark power. Thus, when the time was right, he broke free of his supposed thralldom. As a disembodied spirit, one of his tasks in service of the Heart of the World was to examine the binding runes that the Pyros Haddim protected and maintained. The greatest of them lies in the Nameless City, and it was there that he brought his hidden plan to fruition. It was there that he chose to regain a body, where he became a lich. The ritual he used bound his soul to the Rune Stone at the cost of scores of Pyros Haddim lives, something he felt to be a significant bonus. When his body coalesced from the dust of the dead giants, he stood there and waited for the Haddim to come, and come they did. They came in force and attacked him, utterly obliterating the intruder in their midst. But the next day, he reformed his body. He slew a single guard and waited. When their forces arrived he did nothing to defend himself as they attacked once again. For thirty days he continued this, and thirty giants fell to his hand. Then, on the thirty first day, as he arose once again from his philactery and awaited the coming of the guards. This time, he stood there and none of their attacks were able to reach him. He waited for the Giants to wear themselves out, and then strode forward. He dictated terms to them, they would stay and guard his philactery, while he would go out into the world and do as he wished, or he would destroy the entire race and then go out and do as he wished anyway. He had demonstrated his ability to face their current power unscathed and his ability to offhandedly slay a giant, so they agreed to his terms. The Pyros Haddim have spent the last thousand years trying to find a way to remove his soul from the Rune of Binding, and they have developed counters for all of the powers he has demonstrated. They have twice ambushed him out in the world, and twice he reformed in the heart of their greatest city, slain 30 giants, and then walked out of their caverns.
Though evil and powerful, Malik One Eyed holds the same task sacred as the Pyros Haddim, he just doesn’t particularly care if the Haddim are the ones who undertake it. Thus he spends his time testing creatures and communities in Na Essad, looking for someone who could replace his hated kindred. He occasionally assaults the Tower of Brass for the sheer joy of killing Efreets, though the master of the tower is his match, at least on his home ground.
Malik has access to any ritual or special effect that he deems useful or necessary at a given time, and while he occasionally enjoys direct conflict, he usually prefers to manipulate his foes into doing what he wants done anyway.
His current residence is on the face of the great glacier, a palace of unnatural ice that does not move with the rest of the massive glacier. Adventurers who seek him out never know if they will find a temporary ally or nearly certain death.

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