NaMoDesMo 4 Burning Ghost

Since this week is focused on the Fire Cave, I suppose I ought to include at least a few fire related creatures.
The cosmologically isolated nature of Na Essad makes it especially easy for ghosts and other restless undead to form there. A burning Ghost is formed when a creature with natural fire resistance burns to death in the stone sea. The lords of the Brass Tower are known for executing “criminals” by dropping them into the Stone Sea with metal weights clamped to their bodies so that they are drawn down into the deeper, hotter layers of the magma. As befits the cruel nature of the efreets, they often use carefully designed shackles, intended to melt when they reach a certain depth, allowing the condemned a chance to try to swim to the surface in a desperate race between drowning and burning to death. Few have reached the surface alive. Needless to say, the region around the Brass Tower is teeming with Burning Ghosts.
A Burning Ghost seldom retains any semblance of its previous existence, appearing as insubstantial blackened and burnt husks wreathed in flame. They have no memories of their past and no desire to communicate with the living or the dead. All they wish is for the world to burn. Many of them haunt the Sea of Stone, but more than a few wander the halls and caverns of Vostin’s Fang. Creatures killed by a Burning Ghost are themselves likely to rise again as a Burning Ghost. They have no interest in survival, wanting only to kill as many living creatures as possible before being slain again.

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