NaMoDesMo 3 Eaters

The Abyss contains an infinitude of layers of awfulness and despair. Anywhere you go, you find some form of life. No matter how horrid the realm is, something makes a home there. The Eaters are the inhabitants of an isolated level of the abyss, one that only occasionally sees any demons from the more accessible levels. The only regular inhabitants are the descendants of a minor vermin of the abyss that has been isolated here for thousands of years. They have fed on random castaways from the chaos of the abyssal maelstrom, and over the year, sharp competition for food and living space has created a much more viscous and aggressive form of the little colonial balls of fluff and teeth. While a single Eater is no threat to many of the creatures of the abyss, but they come in huge swarms.

An eater is a small ovoid ball of fur, about 16 inches across the long axis and about 8 across the short axis. They have two legs and no arms , and their bodies are mostly mouth and stomach. They have little beady eyes and run in a saltatory manner. They breed quickly and attack in singles or packs, leaping on any prey that moves and ripping it apart with their fang filled mouths. Baby eaters move in writhing swarms of endless hunger. Initially an eater or a group of eaters that finds active prey will stand very still and sway back and forth cooing. After a few minutes or if the prey attacks or flees, the Eaters will attack immediately in mass. A single Eater will run from a prey creature that harms it, trying to lead it back to the hive lair that the eater comes from.
Eaters were introduced to Na Essad via a dimensional rift in an isolated corridor where they wiped out an entire kobold tribe. Fortunately, the only exit from the lair was blocked by green slime which has mostly kept them contained, though individuals have managed to escape and create smaller colonies throughout the caves. Whenever an Eater is found, a hunt is called to find and wipe out the nest before it can become an existential threat. Eater hunts are among the few things that pull togther all of the races and cultures of Vostin’s Fang. No one has ever found the main hive, and it is likely things would go poorly if anyone ever did.

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