NaMoDesMo 2: Stone Lords (Take 2)

From the initial post: “The Stone Lords are huge humanoid statues that are found throughout the cavern, mostly in isolated caverns. They are always found in a vast chamber surrounded by carved stone cubes, 30 feet on a side, and a coded script in Giantish runes. Every common race in the cavern has stories of their founders finding a Stone Lord during their initial explorations, including peoples who predate the Archmage Vostin. Oddly, there are at least half a dozen of them in Vostin’s Fang, though no one knows how they came to be there. Usually the galleries of the Stone Lords are silent crypts, places with no obvious purpose save to hold the statues and their retinues.

They are creations of the Pyros Haddim, the Fire Giants, designed to protect areas important to the stability of the Spirit Trap, and built to single handedly defend their charges against a dozen or more giants at once.”

New Material:

The stone lords remain dormant until they detect a creature within the area they guard (usually an entire cavern. It takes 2 or 3 rounds for a dormant stone lord to reach full mobility, and until such a time that they do, they are as still as statues.) The Stone Lords are physically overwhelming opponents but they also have the ability to animate the gigantic stone blocks that are scattered across their caverns. Their creators assigned each Stone Lord a password that must be said from close range in order to allow the giants access to the regions they are guarding. A Stone Lord generally allows a trespasser to come close to it before whirling into action. They wield great stone hammers and direct animated megaliths to crush their opponents. There are seldom more than one Stone Lord in a given cavern, though on occasion, particularly important areas may be guarded by as many as four or five. The activation of a Stone Lord will cause the Pyros Haddim to send an investigator to make sure nothing is amiss within a few weeks, and the destruction of a Stone Lord causes them to send an expeditionary force within days. Within Vostin’s Fang, the destruction of a Stone Lord will bring a Dwarven Slayer team to the site within hours, in hopes that whatever managed to destroy a Stone Lord will be weakened enough that the team can finish it off, and failing that, they will at least mark their foes with magics that make it much easier for the Pyros Haddim to find them. Though the Pyros Haddim do not build teleportation circles near the caverns of the Stone Lords, their dwarven watchers within the Fang have placed one circle within an hour’s journey from each such cavern within Vostin’s Fang. The wards and items the Stone Lords guard are not easily moved or destroyed, so having an hour’s response time works very well. Usually after an hour, an enemy is just getting ready to try whatever they are there to do. Many of these teleportation circles are in hostile regions, in spots that are, without preparation, inaccessible, and or guarded by fierce creatures. The Dwarven Slayer teams dispatched to these circles of course, come prepared for the troubles at the other end. The same psycokinetic power that allows a Stone Lord to animate a preprepared megalith allows them to repair both themselves and any damaged stone blocks. Though the Stone Lords attack without malice, they do so without mercy, stopping only when their foes are dead or fled beyond the region protected by the Stone Lord.

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