NaMoDesMo 1

I got a retweet a couple of days ago suggesting that design minded gamers should take part in National Monster Design Month during November. I mentioned it to one of my best friends and she spent the next half hour or so brainstorming monster concepts and sending them to my IM. I told her that I didn’t think I could do a whole month of comedy monsters, but I could probably handle a week worth with a tight enough focus. She has at least seven of them done and ready to go, which means I guess I pretty much have to take part too, since I suggested it. I’m going to break the month into four week long pieces. Today through Sunday is Fire Cave Monsters, the next week will be either Urban Fey or monsters for a potential scandinavian myth setting I’ve been bouncing around in my head, the week after that will be a sample of monsters from the Temple of Evil Emmental, and the last full week will be whatever I didn’t do in week 2. The final two days are wildcards for whatever I feel like writing. Each day I will be posting a stat block for a monster and a fluff/world building piece centered on that creature.

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