Na Essad Beastiary: War Gecko

Goblin War Gecko Level 2 Brute
Medium natural beast (reptile) XP 125
Initiative +3 Senses Perception +7
HP 48; Bloodied 24
AC 15; Fortitude 15; Reflex 13; Will 12
Immune fear (while within 2 squares of its rider)
Speed 6 , Climb 6
mBite (standard; at-will)
+6 vs AC; 1d10 + 3 damage, or 1d10 + 9 damage while within 2 squares of its rider.
Alignment Unaligned Languages —
Str 16 (+4) Dex 15 (+3) Wis 12 (+2)
Con 18 (+5) Int 3 (–3) Cha 12 (+2)

Goblinoids are well known for their affinity for animal training and breeding. The goblins of Na Essad are no exception. While the Fungal Forest Goblins prefer Giant Spiders and Dire Bats as mounts, the Goblins of the Fang have bread riding Geckos. Each gecko is devoutly loyal to its rider, and their ability to walk on walls providing their goblin masters with a degree of vertical mobility that is essential in the caverns of Vostin’s Fang

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