Vostin’s Fang

Eight thousand years ago, the great cavern over the magma sea was nearly featureless. Creatures that fell through the great gate generally then fell several miles to hit the magma. Almost all of them died on impact, their corpses burning to ashes in minutes. The only creatures that survived were those who could fly, who were tiny and immune to heat, and a number of fungi that came through as spores and that settled in parts of the ceiling where sufficient moisture condensed from the steam released by the doom of unfortunate newcommers. The Brass Tower occasionally would capture falling newcommers for use as slave labor, the occasional fire or air elemental, demons, devils, a few tiny fae, some insects and birds, and an array of fungal groves inhabited the cavern. It was in to this situation that the Archmage Vostin stumbled. Several days after his arrival he summoned the first of the floating fungi to act as a place for him to rest and sleep and prepare magic. He spent a decade trying to escape his prison. He worked with every denizen of the cavern and worked incredible magics. He attempted an epic gate spell which opened a permanent  one way gate from the paraelemental plain of ice. While it failed to break the interdiction, it did eventually increase the humidity and encourage the spread of the inverted fungal forest across miles of the cavern’s roof and made life much easier for many creatures that had previously only had a marginal chance at survival. His other great attempt involved a magical construct bound in an elldrich machine he had created. It generated a lance of intense heat as big around as a tent and theoretically of limitless length. He used the disturbance of the great hate as a lens and fired it straight into the ceiling. The beam vaporized rock and bored a hole straight up. This went on for three days while Vostin, well versed in multiversal geography, remained safely off in the distance. Late in the third “day” the sea beneath the machine briefly boiled and the lance of heat and light stabbed up through the floor of the world to destroy the machine. A great whirlpool formed ,  and a week later a magma-fall began from the hole in the top of the world. For months this went on as first a hollow tube and eventually a broad based stalactite of hardened lava formed. The pliable stone fang inflated from the inside until you had the fang, a giant rock toot hanging down more than three miles to just above the surface of the water. The fang enclosed both the great gate and the ice gate, as well as any number of bubble caverns. Vostin used his magic to mold the tongue of rock that now holds the city of sanctuary out of the bare rock, including his tower there. The elemental gate was near the surface, and influx of ice eventually broke through the surface of the fang and began the formation of the rift glacier. The Great Gate itself forced the formation of a bubble of open space in the center of the fang that is to this day the most common place for new comers to show up. Vostin eventually excavated a number of the tunnels that riddle the fang and created one of the winding paths along the outside of the fang that allow travel without having to pass through the caverns. He lived in his tower and began to study in earnest. A community formed around his tower that would eventually be named Sanctuary. Today, the fang a mostly hollow structure that hosts a dozen major civilizations and scores of minor races. Vostin went searching out the hidden corners of the world and one day did not return. Before his dissaperance, there was a thriving ecosystem and a dozen communities up and down the fang.

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