Fire Cave Magic (Summoning)

Assuming that you are playing this with D&D, summoning spells work a little differently than they do in the base game. Summoning things is no harder than it is in the basic game, but when the duration ends, instead of returning to their homes, they are freed of their compulsions and remain in the demi-plane. Needless to say, summoning is much more dangerous an art than it traditionally is. Any summoning spell that includes bargining with the entity must keep the inability for them to leave in mind when setting the value of their service (It is very rare for good outsiders to agree to come.) Very few entities are willing to come through an open Gate Spell.

One of the major things that the Order of Steel deals with is escaped summoned creatures and casters who summon things irresponsibly. While they usually won’t hunt down a wizard on the first offence, they are not known for their deep and abiding mercy and friendlyness toward people who make their jobs harder.

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