Fire Cave Cosmology

The Fire Cave rests within a spherical demiplane approximately 25 miles in diameter. It hasa non-eucledian internal geometry, behaving like a 4-toris surface. (If you wander directly away from the center, instead of hitting the edges, you will find yourself transversing from the “top” to the “bottom” Think the world maps in the Final Fantasy games, except instead of a flat map projected onto a donught like 3 space, this is a spherical map projected onto a doughnut like 4 space. Since the majority of this demiplane is filled with rock and magma, the actual topography is of minor importance, but give some pc’s an impenetrable rock ceiling and an adamantite pick, and they’ll tunnel to the edge of the multiverse. In this case, they eventually will burrow up into a sea of magma, part of which immediately rushes down this newly formed tunnel, scorching and or entombing anyone unfortunate enough to be in the channel. Depending on the ,width of the tunnel, this may cause a temporary magma fall leading, as it cools and solidifies, to the formation of a new “fang.” Vostin’s Fang was created in this manner, though he was not trying to tunnel out of the region so much as he was trying to rip the plane open to allow further contact with the multi-verse. The great machine he built to do this backfired and released a beam of energy a quarter mile wide and fully 25 miles long. It met itself on the other end and destroyed the machine. Magma flowed through the hole for nearly a century before it cooled enough to form the gigantic stalagtite that is the current center of life in the Cave.  As an aside, that was  not the event that ended Vostin’s life. He had a great deal of experience with massive magical workings and their tendency to not quite work the way he intended them to, and was thus safely elsewhwere when things went not as planned.

The demiplane itself is composed of several different moires. The creator of the plain pinched a portion of a prime material plain off from the rest of the multiverse, and in doing so the attendant inner plains were also seperated. Layered alongside the prime sphere, there is a limited astral and etherial plain. It has an attendant Plane of Shadow, and the elemental plains were effected. The bounderies of the elemental plains were severed when they were pulled away from the rest of the multiverse. Instead of four distinct elemental plains, there is a roiling morass of pure elemental energies.

The Fire Cave was created as a prison/holding space for a portion of a vanguished diety’s essence. When it was vanquished, the victors ripped it into scores of distinct pieces and sealed them into various recepticals scattered across the multiverse. The Fire Cave was intended to hold the core of its power seperate from the rest of reality. That way, even if the scatteres aspects of the diety were to come back together, it would still not have the power to be an exestential threat. In order to contain the power, it was suspended in a heat sink of stone ripped from the mantle of a planet. This power is what maintains the magma sea beneath the Fang.

While the creators isolated the demiplane, they were unable to completely block access to the plane. They were able to restrict incomming access and to almost completely stop outgoing access. Incomming access requires an anchor force which is provided either by a summoning spell or by a portal. There are only two portals in the demiplane one near the center of the Fang that occasionally spits out a random creature from across the multiverse. This is the primary source of new inhabitants. The second one is directly linked to a dead prime plane, one that was overwhelmed by an entity of absolute entropy, a deep frozen world of ice and death. It is the source of the great glacier.

While entering the demiplane is easy, the creators were able to cut off almost all outgoing access from the plane. The only route they were unable to block is death. If you die, your soul passes on to the realm of the dead and on to its final destination. Fortunately, the same problem that faced them in vanquishing their enemy, its immortality, bars it from escape via death.

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  1. Eva

     /  April 13, 2010

    That, of course, also suggests an escape route that it might try in the future. 😛

  2. roninkakuhito

     /  April 13, 2010

    The PCs?
    that was absolutely a design consideration
    dead heroes traipse through the realm of death is a go.

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