Fire Cave Planning

One of the things I plan to do here is present a series of adventure sites. As it stands, I’m intending to make all of them constructable from currently published dungeon tiles. Currently, of course, I own one set of them, so I can’t really start working with them yet.

I think that the first one I’ll be posting is an atmospheric horror piece with notes on both horror and combat monkey versions of the adventure.

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  1. Why fret the dungeon tiles? Sure, they’re pretty, but battlemats work fine and don’t constrain your design as much.

    • roninkakuhito

       /  April 8, 2009

      Well, I’ve played with both. I use the Steel Sqwire flip maps in my own games due mostly to the fact that it doesn’t seem to matter at all what I use to write on them. I prefer to use dungeon tiles, but until these latest sets by Paizo and WotC, I’ve never been happy with the quality of the pre-made ones. (I used to make my own, each one tailored to provide the most likely line of sight presentations. Also, I don’t actually own any of the Game Mastery tiles yet.) To a large degree, I do like the tactile aspect of the tiles. It is similar to the answer to “why do I use minis instead of dice and pawns and pennies and such?” Because I like them.


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