The Fire Cave Project

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The Fire Cave (and if anyone comes up with a better name, let me know) is an isolated realm. In the center of the cavern lies a single stalagtite, called Vostin’s Fang by the inhabitents, a mile high inverted mountain suspended over a boiling sea of magma. A supernatural glacier grows part way down the face of the Fang, exuding from a crack running half the height of the inverted spire and pouring rivers of water into the sea of magma, occasionally calving tons of ice into the molten rock. The cavern is frequently wrapped in thick clouds of steam and toxic vapors.

Several settlements clutch to the sides of the Fang which is riddled with tunnels, mines, and caves. Carved into the Fang’s side is a winding path that reaches from the inverted fungal forest that shrouds the base to the Dwarven Harbor that perches a mere hundred feet above the surface of the magma. Sculpted from the stone like clay, a domed city juts out thousands of feet over the magma. Once the home of a great wizard, Sanctuary is now a precarious home to those who would pretend to not live underground.

The caverns are inhabited by all sorts of monsters, some intelligent, some not. Gigantic insects and other vermin are common both on the surface of the Fang and within it. There are dozens of communities and hundreds of sites where people of some shape and mentality either live or have lived. Within the Fang, there are grand caverns both natural and artificial, lost ruins, fell temples, dark lairs, and hidden villiages. There is a score or so activie communities throughout the Fang and in the forest above it.

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